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Offers members opportunities for change many areas of their lives. Our goal is to serve the undeserved with sound and affordable healthcare services. Our services range from individual to group therapy, covering a wide range of diagnosis and symptoms. We offer outpatient therapy services (Face-to-Face & TeleHealth) for both children and families who struggle in the following areas:

1. Depression & Anxiety

2. Anger & Behavior Outbursts

3. Addiction

4. Trauma & Abuse


We have a qualified staff, dedicated to walking along side each of our members. Our primary objective is to help each of our clients, become the best version(s) of themselves as possible.

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Multi-Family Groups:


-Grief Management

-Parenting Classes

-Anger Management

-Domestic Violence

-A & D + My Family



Our team of qualified therapist specialize in catering to the individual needs of our clients. Individual sessions last between 30-60min. New therapy topics are introduced monthly with weekly subtopics, discussions and handwritten/ social assignments to accompany. Assignments vary based on the treatment goals, age and diagnosis of our service members.


Phila has numerous individual group sessions available to meet the needs of individuals who benefit from group atmospheres. During group sessions, service members will have the opportunity to share their experiences and praise reports in front of their piers. Group sessions are typically conducted on a weekly basis. Each group has specific weekly topics with social/ handwritten assignments to accompany.


Phila's multi-family group therapy is designed for families to come together in a group environment to share, learn and cope with their family-specific situations. Phila has a wide range of multi-family groups available to help address the needs of it service members. 

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"We are so glad we enrolled our son into Phila's program. At the time, he was suffering alot with PTSD. As a result, he struggled to thrive when it came to independent living. The Phila family took him him and treated us with the upmost dignity and respect. Now, our son lives by himself independently!" ​

                                                                                                                           -Ed and Cindy Norton

"The Phila staff welcomed my niece with open arms. Her counselers were awesome! So glad I chose to follow my instincts and get her the help she needed. #PhilaBlessed" ​


-Cindy Comber

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