This policy covers the attempts to both protect and secure the data of our site, your postings/listings as well as the measures we put in place to adhere to the above mentioned as required by law. In the future, if we change our policies in how we conduct business, then it will be reflected in this document. Last updated 3-4-2022.

Protecting Your Privacy
We, at Phila Health Systems (PHS) take your privacy very serious. As a result, the following policy has been put in place so that you can be protected as much as possible while using our site. We do not allow the following to take place with the viewers of our site. We do not contract with third party companies to share your data and/or any other information that we may have on file that you submitted to us for any type of financial gain or marketing purposes. Although we do sell ad space on our site, we do not engage in any form of contact sharing plans  or any other cross marketing (other than the ad space) with other third party companies. As a result, we do not engage in any type of tickers or tracking mechanisms for the purpose of marketing or soliciting viewers of our site.

Preventing Fraud/Abuse (For Ad Sponsors)
Although, all postings and related information are only listed on our site for a maximum of 20 days, please note that the data that you post on (PHS) is available for the world wide web to see and access. Therefore, please do not post phone numbers, emails, faxes, etc...that you do not want the general public to have access to. In our attempt to prevent fraud, (PHS) reserves the right to confirm, delete, omit, or not post events, listings, or businesses that may appear to be fraudulent or have criminal intent. If you are a company who has purchased adspace on (NA), your credit card/ payment information will be stored in a separate, off-line data base in which (PHS) accounting personnel will only have access to.

The Mend House Data Storage
We only keep data that is pertinent to our business/training needs. However, in good faith efforts, we attempt to keep a bank of all posts/listings (even after they are taken down from our, but we do not make any guarantees.

Disclosing User Information
We may disclose user data in the event of possible fraudulent/criminal activity to protect our rights, our property as well as that of our users/viewers of the general public. This includes/but not limited to criminal investigations, court orders, or any other legal process. However, we make no guarantees that we will have the requested information on file.





Refund Policy

There are no refunds for any service payments. All payment and fee schedules are set as company policy. 

Cancellation Policy

If a service member decides to cancel their existing service and all fees have a $0 balance, a discharge letter will be sent to that said service recipient indicating the date and reason of discharge. All outstanding balances will be charged and/or billed the proper amount prior to discharge.

Delivery Policy

Phila Health Systems does not deliver products or services. 

Return Policy 

There are no returns as there are no physical products. If there is a grievance as a result of either poor or cancellation due to a reason caused by Phila Health Systems, a Service Return Request may be submitted to indicating the issue. Once received a Phila team member will review the case and contact you within 72 business hours of the notification.

Privacy Policy