Our individual therapy module is geared towards meeting individuals on their level and providing them with a high level of mental health care. Every month, a new theme is introduced to help our service members see life on another level.


- January - New Life...New Goals

- February - Self Love...Self Discovery

- March - Effective Communication

- April - Stinkin' Thinkin'

- May - Overcoming Fear

- June - Navigating Inferiority

- July - Quality Based Decision Making

- August - Taking Authority Over Your Emotions

- September - Understanding Yourself

- October - Life Management

- November - Attitude of Gratitude

- December - Selfless Giving



- Anger Management - Phila's Anger Management classes are offered to individuals seeking to improve in controlling the way they think and view the world. There are weekly topics with assignments and discussions structured towards significantly improving one's anger.

- Domestic Violence - Phila's Domestic Violence courses are geared towards bringing about awareness as well as identifying the signs of abuse before things get out of hand. Classes are offered on a weekly basis with the goal in mind to help service members realize their value and to improve decision making.

- Individual A & D Group - Breaking the grip of addiction can be very tough to overcome without proper assistance. Phila is committed to empowering individuals with education and practical applications for their everyday living with A & D Group. Classes are offered on a weekly basis with the goal in mind to help individuals cope with A & D issues.

- Parenting Classes - When parents have control of their house, the entire family benefits. That's why Phila Health Systems is proud to offer Parenting Group to those looking to better themselves as parents. Classes are offered on a weekly basis with the goal in mind of helping parents become the best versions of themselves as possible.



- Family Communication - This group is for families who struggle with issues of communication. When there is an absence of communication, there is an abundance of animosity. This group aims at bridging the communication gap between families.

- Family Anger Management - When two or more individuals within the family have anger issues, it can be devastating for the entire family. The goal of Family Anger Management is to significantly reduce the anger outbursts within the home through shared experiences and learning activities.

- Family A & D - When one or multiple members of the family battle the grip of addiction, the entire family suffers, leading to other issues of PTSD, domestic violence, depression, etc. Phila's Family A & D group tackles the issues and impact that substance abuse has on not just the individual user, but the entire family as a whole.

- Couples Therapy - Often times, couples can benefit from being around other couples who are going through similar experiences. Phila's Couples Therapy Group offers families the chance to talk through their issues in a group setting.