H o u s e   R u l e s

Length of Stay

-The average stay is 6months to 18 months. Residents commit to a minimum 6 months stay in this program. Upon admission, each resident is required to pay a non-refundable $350. To remain in good standing, you must give a one week notice of intent to move out.


All resident must meet certain requirements to obtain the next level of independence

-Level 1 - Typically first 2 weeks

-Level 2 - Typically lasts 30 days

-Level 3 - Unless you lose privileges due to behavior, you will remain on level 3 until graduation

*For more information regarding Never Alone Levels...click here*


-Rent is due by 6pm on Friday. We will work with you based on your payday. For example, if you are paid bi-weekly, you will be allowed to pay $250 each payday. Rent is to be given to staff & receipt will be provided.

-If someone is paying your rent, you are still required to maintain a job, do volunteer work or go to to school. You may not stay at the house all day. No sleeping on common area furniture.

Upon Discharge

-Mail will be given out by staff, no mail will be held for you after discharge. No exceptions! You must complete a change of address for when you leave.

House Requirements

-There is a mandatory house meeting every Tuesday night from 8pm-finished. No excuse will be tolerated for missing this meeting.

-Residents are not allowed to fraternize or engage in relationships with other residents in this program.

-There is a sign in/out sheet. All residents must completely fill out this sheet before leaving including a contact name & phone number.

-Every resident is required to complete 2 hours of service work each week and have it documented on your verification sheet.

-Residents are responsible for their own hygiene products, toilet paper and laundry supplies.

-No loud music

-Residents agree to random searches of their room, belongings, car and person.

-Residents are expected to be respectful to staff and each other.

-Residents are required to buy $25 worth of food for the house each month.

-All verification forms are to be turned in at the house meeting on Tuesday night at 8pm.

-No possession or use of alcohol, drugs or any other mood altering substance. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate discharge from the program.

-As a resident, you agree to comply with all rules and regulations as well as any recommendations staff feel will be helpful in your recovery. There are 3 levels here. Each level has different responsibilities and privileges.

-Residents are required to obtain a sponsor within two weeks of admission. You must be working the twelve steps with your sponsor before you can move up to the next level. Example...level 1-2, level 2-3, or in order to graduate.


-Residents may have visitors in the common areas of the house on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-6pm. Visitors are not allowed in bedrooms. Violation of this rule will result in consequences.

-If you are on level 2 or 3 and eligible for a pass, you must fill out a pass request form at least one week prior to the date requested. All fees must be current and a resident cannot have more than 3 checks in the previous two weeks or the pass will be denied. If applicable, probation/parole officer must approve the pass before it is approved.


-Residents agree to abide by the following curfew: Weekdays (Sun-Thurs) 11:00pm. Weekends (Sat & Sun) 12 Midnight. After curfew, residents may not leave the premises. If there is an emergency, notify staff and it will be handled on a case by case basis. Failure to comply with curfew will result in discharge from the program.

-Residents rooms are to be neat and orderly at all times. Bed must be made when not occupied. Chores must be completed daily by curfew. Failure to comply will result in a check. 3 Checks in one week will prevent residents from moving up to the next level, as well as effect your ability to get a pass. 3 checks in one week will result in moving back to level 1 for a week.


-Residents will be assigned a weekly chore

-Sunday is deep cleaning day! Every resident will be assigned a weekly chore which must be done by curfew every night and on Sunday will deep clean their assigned area.

-Residents will clean up after themselves.

Immediate Discharge

-No physical violence or verbal threats will be tolerated. Any occurrence of violence or threatened violence will result in immediate discharge from the program.

-No theft will be tolerated. respect other residents property the way you would like your property to be respected. Any occurrence of theft will result in serious consequences of discharge from the program and possibly criminal charges.

-Residents agree to take random drug/alcohol tests whenever requested by staff. Failure to comply will result in immediate discharge from the program.