A d u l t   R e s i d e n t i a l

When you or your loved one finally come to the realization that their addiction isn’t sustainable and must be stopped as soon as possible, the recovery process has often times begun. This one realization may have been weeks, months and sometimes even years in the making. The next step in the process is to seek out help. For some, the choice may be an intensive outpatient program and for others it may require admission into a residential inpatient drug & alcohol rehab program. In residential inpatient programs patients are provided with around the clock care in a supportive environment.

During the patient’s confidential assessment we will discover the necessary information to best make a recommendation as to which type of program will best fit the patient’s needs.


Gender Specific Campuses

Ensemble Recovery has both a male and female residential campus. This treatment model was put in place to ensure our team addresses the gender specific issues of each of our patients.  Often times, treatment needs can get watered down, by grouping both genders together. Especially at the residential level. We, at Ensemble, take great pride in treating the entire patient as efficient and thorough as possible. 

So...How's the Food?

We understand that meal and dietary intake is one of the most important components in the recovery process in our residential program. That's why we have hired a team of 5-star chefs to ensure your food satisfactory. All patients will have at least 3 buffet style meals per day with 2 hearty snacks in between. Each meal will be themed out by our chef with a Soul food, Italian, Country, Oriental Seafood, or American-Style taste in mind. And FYI, we don't hold back on seasoning and cheeses!

Tell Me About the Extra-Curricular Activities

Each Ensemble campus has an Activity Coordinator who's sole purpose for hire is to make sure our patients have fun, peaceful & exciting entertainment during their stay (both on and off-campus). Whether it be game systems, board game tournaments, ping-pong, hiking, or painting...needless-to-say, there won't be a dull moment during our patients stay.

Don't Let Fear Stand In The Way of Sobriety

Fear is often a major motivating factor when a patient or their loved ones seek out help. The patient is fearful of what will happen if they continue to use, and they are afraid of what will happen once they stop using. We pride ourselves on understanding the recovery process first-hand — because many of the doctors, nurses and counselors that oversee it are in recovery themselves. We understand the cringe-inducing shame that hangs over every new arrival like a cloud, because we’ve been there. We’ve felt it. And we rejoice on seeing that cloud slowly dissipate as the treatment process unfolds, because we’ve felt that, too. Most importantly, we celebrate the start of new lives as patients of our Adult Residential Inpatient Rehab program reach the next stage of the treatment process, because we’ve given everything we have to prepare them for a new life.


We are a part of the recovery process in so many ways, on so many levels … because the success of our patients isn’t just a statistic to us. It’s at the heart of our mission, the one our founder envisioned when he so humbly started our organization — that anyone can stop drinking or using drugs, lose the desire to do so and find a new way of life.

How long does the Residential Inpatient Rehab program last?

Clinically, the Adult Residential Program is one that typically lasts between 28 and 35 days, during which time our trained counselors and other professionals develop individual treatment plans for each patient according to needs, backgrounds and situations. During that process, patients participate in a 12-Step recovery model program and participate in the following:

  • Psychological and physical testing/ assessments

  • Group therapy with others in our inpatient community

  • Family therapy

  • Daily 12-step groups

  • Educational programs

  • Leisure group activities

  • Aftercare services for 18 months


Adult Residential is a comprehensive, intensive treatment program for chemical dependency that’s accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). But that description doesn’t begin to describe the miracles that take place during that process.

We see miracles every day, and we consider it a privilege to be a witness to them.  No one need ever die from the disease of addiction.

Medical Detox

Before the recovery process can begin, the hazy fog of drugs and alcohol must be lifted. To do that, patients often need to go through a detoxification process to cleanse their systems of alcohol and/or drugs. The idea of “detox” can be terrifying to the addict or alcoholic who may have attempted to do so in the past, more often than not on their own; or to those who cling to an outdated view of detox as a horrible few days of straight jackets and padded rooms. At Ensemble Recovery, the reality is this: Medical detox is a safe process monitored by health professionals designed to make patients as comfortable as possible before they move on to the next phase of treatment.


Monitored by Healthcare Professionals

Patients in the detox program at Cornerstone are monitored 24 hours a day by registered, licensed nurses and clinical staff with oversight from our physician, a specialist in addiction medicine, along with our in-house psychologist.

Our physician evaluates each patient and determines a prescription regimen which makes the detoxification process easier and safer. Together, our experienced health-care staff ensures that everyone’s individual detoxification program is handled in a safe, controlled environment.


Length of Stay

While the length of one’s stay in the medical detox program depends on several factors (i.e. the chemical being withdrawn, quantity used, physical condition), the average stay in the medical detox program is three days.


How do I know if Medical Detox is needed?

  • Have you had withdrawal symptoms before?

  • Have you tried on your own to stop drinking and/or using drugs before and failed?

  • Does your home environment hinder you from outpatient detox?

  • Do you have a serious medical condition?

  • Do you have an extremely high tolerance for mood-altering chemicals?

  • Are you a threat to yourself or others while under the influence?

The Veterans Track – Ensemble understands that veterans have very specific, individualized needs when trying to return back to civilian life. We address these issues and help the veterans with these very specific needs.

There is another way. A better way. And our Adult Residential Program will help you get there.