Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Never Alone Transitional Recovery Residence?

A safe and clean environment for both men and women searching for a drug-free lifestyle. 


2. Where is Never Alone facilities located?

Multiple locations, Centrally located in Knoxville, TN with access to bus lines, NA Meetings & many employment opportunities

3. How much does it cost to get in?

There is a $350.00 move in fee. This covers admin fees, drug tests and the 1st weeks rent. The rent is $125.00 per week.


4. Do I have to have Insurance to get in? 

No. This is a self pay residence

5. How long do I have to stay?

Minimum of 6 months. There is currently no end date if the resident is adhering to the rules and regulations of our community.


6. Can I have my cell phone? 

Yes as soon as you obtain level 2

7. Can I have my car?

Yes as soon as you obtain level 3 

-With proof of insurance and Driver's License

8. What are the levels? 

All resident must meet certain requirements to obtain the next level of independence

-Level 1 - Typically first 2 weeks

-Level 2 - Typically lasts 30 days

-Level 3 - Unless you lose privileges due to behavior, you will remain on level 3 until graduation

For more information regarding program here

9. What counseling services are offered?

We offer group and individual therapy


10. Do you administer medication?

No but prescriptions are allowed with the exception of addictive or any mood altering medications

11. How old do you have to be to get accepted?

18 or older


12. How often are visits from family/friends?

Visitation is typically on Saturdays & Sundays from 12pm - 6pm in the common areas of the house


13. Does Never Alone help people get jobs?

We do have some connections with local businesses and residents will have access to our business center for resumes and job related needs


14. Can I work and still live at Never Alone?

Yes and we highly encourage our residents to be employed. If not employed, recovery MUST BE your first priority.


15. Are there options for out-patient treatment?

Yes, we have referrals within the community.


16. Where can I get an application?

To apply simply click here


17. How long does it take to get in once turning in an application?

If there is an open bed available, move in can be immediate.


18. How strict are the rules of Never Alone?

We have rules that will assist the residents with structure, but this is a very independent program.

We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE regarding the use of alcohol/drugs/theft and aggressive behaviors.


19. Who takes care of day-to-day needs like cooking and cleaning?

The residents will be assigned chores to keep the house clean and neat